Passion all around

Well it’s been a wee while since I’ve written anything here.  Of course my kids just went back to school last week so we were busy enjoying the holidays.  Many days of sleep-ins (especially for my older daughters ….do I really have to get up Mum?  It’s only 1.30pm?!!!), swimming, shopping, pottering etc etc.  Just lovely.

I never really want them to go back to school when the time comes as I’m conscious of how fast time goes and how they are all growing up so fast.  They still need their mum of course but I’m finding many times now where they are all occupied with their own stuff and I’m tossing up whether to do more dishes or hit my colouring in! haha.

So, a couple of weeks ago I pulled out a wonderful book that I was given my a dear friend.  It’s actually a set of two books that go together and it’s called The Artist’s Way.  It’s about unblocking our creativity and really is very special.  Like anything in life that we know is good for us and we do regularly, sometimes it gets put to the side while life takes place and so here I am, having let it resurface and I tell ya, it seems to be working.

I’m colouring in just like when I was a child, rearranging the house and my wardrobe and writing again.  Sure I’m writing lots of nothing much alot of the time but the main thing is that I’m doing it so I’m sure that sooner or later something profound will free itself from my ever-busy mind and all will be well hehe.

My business is going well.  It’s been afew months now and it has been amazing to see the changes that have occurred in several people.  Infact it brings tears to my eyes sometimes and gives me goosebumps.  How blessed am I to be part of something that can help others to change their health for the better!

I’m about to launch a wellness hub for our local area too and have several businesses interested.  I think it is so important for us to be connected to like minded people and if we can work together to help each other to help others, even better!

Sometimes it’s hard in my situation.  When in a state of pity (which I seldom wander to and certainly don’t allow myself to stay in), I remind myself that I am a single mum of four, battling depression and anxiety with hearing loss and rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers which are starting to swell and hurt.

Now it would be tempting to stay in a place of self pity and be consumed with it and of fear of the future but that would surely be a yucky place to be and certainly wouldn’t help anyone else and certainly not myself or my children.

And so I rise up and conquer another day, setting my intentions every morning, breathing deeply and reminding myself to keep doing those things that help.

I’m thankful that for me, there are many things that I find helpful and here are some of them:

-regular cups of chamomile help to soothe my nerves and let me get to sleep at night, breathing deeply, going for a walk, staying off the internet for extended lengths of time, having a bath, getting a massage, colouring-in, reading, writing, getting my hands stuck into the dirt in the garden, playing piano, watching a movie with my kids, getting out of the house, having a rest, doing some yoga stretches, eating the Dietflex way every day (my business! :)), going to gym and hitting the treadmill, followed by weight, ……..

Yes there more and I’ll talk about all of these things in the future.  Just wanted to get some of them down for you.

This morning I went to gym and launched myself back into the main weights room.  Now I’ve been a gym junkie for 26 years and always loved doing weights.  I’ve tried all the classes too and they’ve each had a place in my life and a time where I’ve loved them.  But lately, I’ve been focusing on building my business and so I’ve been walking, stretching, dancing and doing yoga.  I feel really healthy and I’m starting to treat myself to afew new clothes here and there as most of my old clothes are too big for me.  Infact, if I’m honest, I don’t remember having every been this small ever!!!  That’s because of Dietflex and it’s very cool.  But the thing is, as I’ve trimmed down and haven’t been doing my weights, I’ve lost muscle.

So it’s 1 Feb and I’m back in there, black weight gloves on, pumping songs on my iphone, lifting weights again, loving it and feeling how much a part of me it is and wondering what the heck I’ve been thinking by not sticking with my weights as I always have.  hehe.  Needless to say that the little voice inside my head that makes me push myself is back in the weights department so I’m really looking forward to being sore (not!!! but hey no pain no gain:)) and changing my body once again so that it’s strong as well as lean.

I think I’ve rambled enough for today.  Time to get back to some real work and build this business up me things.

Do what you love! One life to live ay:),



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