The calm before the storm

So here I find myself freed.  I am freed (is that even a word?) from the chair in the office, where, although I learnt so much, my legs would become restless, my body yearning to be out in the fresh air, doing as I pleased.

Here I am now, a weight and wellness coach.  Thrown into a new dimension without a manual.  My years of passion for health and wellness finally coming to fruition.  My dreams of helping others improve their lives and inspiring them to be amazing and feel far better than they do, about to come true.  My dreams of writing as part of my job, is actually happening.

I pick lavender by day and as I dry it and stuff it into red and black chiffon bags, ready to sell, I ponder and I wait patiently for the next step of my journey, busying myself with whatever comes to mind as I wait.

Athough I am placid by nature and a bit of an introvert (most of the time), patience is not always my strong point, especially when it come to something I want very much.  But I have learnt that everything happens in the right time and once the intention has been released to the universe, it will come if you keep believing.

I am holding a couple of information sessions for my business and awaiting the artwork for the posters.  I want to print them and stick them around town and I want to do it as soon as possible to give the most people I can the opportunity of coming along.

As with everything, working for yourself and from home, has its advantages and disadvantages.  I can pick when I want to work and how I want to work and I can even, to a certain extent, choose where I want to work, being there for my children if I work within school hours.  This is wonderful and very important to me.

I need to be self disciplined, which I am so that’s not a problem but sometimes the mess around me, which stems from four children, one cat and one dog living their lives as they do, is hard to ignore.  I want to get stuck in and make my house immaculate, like my mum’s is these days however I’m not motivated to do this.  My focus is on my business and what I can do next to make it happen.  For now, our house is liveable, we are happy and healthy and we have all we need.  I will hire a cleaner once the business is in full swing.  I confess that I am multi-talented and can multi-task as required but domestic goddess I am not, haha each to his/her own.

Time to pick up the kiddliwinks now.  I will write more tomorrow.  Bye for now,